Alexander Riley
Alexander Riley

Alexander Riley is the author of Angel Patriots: The Crash of United Flight 93 and the Myth of America.

How Secularism Fuels Campus Outrage

When we see others who are not doing as well as we are, we need a method for making sense of that. Without religious beliefs, many people seize upon politics with the same moral fervor.

How A Priest With No Money Honored Flight 93’s Heroes Where They Fell

For more than a decade, Father Fonzie worked tirelessly at the Flight 93 Thunder on the Mountain Memorial Chapel, honoring the heroic patriots of Sept. 11, 2001.

Bucknell University To Host Antifa Leader Who Promotes Political Violence

At the campus where I teach, this week we are seeing an example of this insidious creep toward the left’s open embrace of violence against those who advocate for conservative ideas.

Paul Hollander Explained Why Smart People Support Totalitarianism

The chronicler of the foolish, utopian ways of thinking that ail so many intellectual elites will be sorely missed by many.