Annie R. MacLean
Annie R. MacLean
Annie MacLean

Annie MacLean is a stay-at-home mom and former litigation attorney. She worked as a press secretary on Capitol Hill before earning a J.D, cum laude, from Catholic University.

Left Screams About Children at Border But Fuels Policies That Separate Families

Many of those loudly championing children at the border take an incompatible position on children separated from their parents in other circumstances.

Even Lena Dunham Can No Longer Defend Obama’s Contraception Mandate

Lena Dunham doesn’t argue that commitment-free sex and abortion are more foundational to self-government than the right of Catholic nuns to serve others according to their faith.

Sorry, Women’s March, But Low-Commitment Sex Doesn’t Promote Women’s Dignity

Do most women really believe that guaranteed, unrestricted sexual choice is an unmitigated good? The facts seem to tell a different story.

What Do Religious Women Think Of The Contraception Mandate? Ask One

A new study that claims religious women support Obamacare’s contraception mandate didn’t ask very many religious women that question.