Anna Paprocki
Anna Paprocki

Attorney Anna Paprocki is staff counsel at Americans United for Life.

Why The Abortion Industry Wants To Ban Funerals For Miscarried Babies

Even in death, unborn infants receive no respect from an abortion industry anxious to portray such human beings as trash.

Supreme Court Reinforces Role As National Abortion Control Board

The real sham against women is the Supreme Court’s false promises of protection. Clearly, shoddy, substandard, and incompetent abortionists provide mere ‘access’ to abortion.

Abortion Is Not Safer Than Giving Birth

In an attempt to prove abortion safer than childbirth, Vox compares two data points from the Centers for Disease Control that the CDC itself has said are not comparable.

At Planned Parenthood, Abortion Is Up, Health Care Is Down

Abortion is on the rise at Planned Parenthood, and life-saving care is decreasing. All the spin in the world will not overcome that reality.

Planned Parenthood Plans for Bigger Abortion Future

Despite taking credit for America’s abortion decline, Planned Parenthood intends to increase the abortions it offers.