Andrew Cuff
Andrew Cuff

Andrew Cuff is serving a four-year term of appointment to the Pennsylvania Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. He writes from Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

The Feds Are Trying To Use George Floyd’s Death To End Local Policing

A federal grand jury just indicted the other three officers present at George Floyd’s arrest. Why is the Justice Department involving itself in this local police matter?

How Texas’s Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania Defends Our Civil Rights

Commonsense jurisprudence will recognize the open-shut argument that voters’ civil rights were violated by vote dilution during an unconstitutional election process.

Save The Artificial Intelligence Party For When It Actually Becomes Intelligent

Despite its public image, artificial intelligence software cannot yet match the versatile skills of even the most primitive mammals in the real world.

As We Approach The Drinkularity, It’s Time To Grant Bourbon Personhood

A chain reaction of bourbon development, triggered by the emergence of one super-bourbon, may disrupt the global intoxication balance and ultimately result in an extinction-level event.