Ameer Benno
Ameer Benno

Ameer Benno is a constitutional law attorney and former congressional candidate in the NY-04. Follow him at @AmeerBenno.

Joe Biden Wants To Make You Pay Off Rich People’s College Debt

At a CNN town hall last week, Joe Biden emphasized that he is considering making taxpayers pay off $10,000 of every person’s outstanding student debt. This is a giveaway to the rich.

If Biden Really Wants Unity, He’d Publicly Oppose Impeaching Trump

If Biden really desires national unity, he must make it perfectly clear, before it is too late, that Congress should abandon Trump’s impeachment trial.

In Deciding The 2020 Election, Congress Will Get The Last Word

While objections to electoral votes are infrequent, they are not unprecedented — and in the past, it was Democrats who lodged them.

How Democrats Plan To Control New York Forever

Democrats want to use illegal aliens and prisoners to determine legislative districts, as well as boxing out those who oppose them from any voice in how districts are drawn.