Amanda Parry
Amanda Parry

Amanda Parry is the mother of two special-needs children and a former ex-pat, having lived in the United Kingdom for eight years. She blogs on the website Unexceptional Parenting.

7 Things You Need To Stop Saying To Redheads

Having red hair is like walking around with a giant flashing arrow over your head. It’s statistically unique, so people look. They comment. They get really weird.

Brainwashing Your Kids About Politics Is Not Healthy Or Cute

I’m not going to discuss hypothetical election fallout with people who wear Ninja Turtle PJs to bed. Neither should you.

Why People Shouldn’t Freak Out Over Paying To Hold Their Baby After Birth

Doctors, nurses, support staff—they don’t work for free, and there is no reason they should.

The American Doctor Who Loves UK’s NHS Has No Idea What She’s Talking About

This viral blog post is the rhetorical equivalent of me saying I had a great trip to the doctor in America, therefore the United Kingdom’s National Health Service sucks.

Bernie Sanders Has No Idea, But Socialism Is Way Worse Than A Soda Tax

I sometimes feel like Bernie Sanders and his supporters are more outraged that some people are rich than they are moved by the plight of the poor.