Alex Muresianu
Alex Muresianu

Alex Muresianu is a Young Voices Advocate studying economics at Tufts University. He is a contributor for Lone Conservative, and his writing has appeared in Townhall and The Daily Caller. He can be found on Twitter @ahardtospell.

How Government-Inflated Housing Costs Contribute To Social Security’s Collapse

By 2049, the national debt will equal 144 percent of GDP. A huge portion of this is due to Social Security costs. So how do we prevent fiscal ruin?

How To Open Job Opportunities To Replace The Decline In Manufacturing

Reducing occupational licensing, encouraging craftsmanship jobs, and reforming zoning to lower housing prices can help the middle class succeed again.

To Break Millennials From Socialized Health Care, Republicans Need An Actual Plan To Cut Health Costs

To compete for millennial voters, Republicans must outline a viable plan for affordable health care in the short and long term. There are lots of options. Pick one.

Why It Would Be Stupid To Vote For Democrats To Punish Republicans In The Midterms

The insurgent left wing of the Democratic Party makes it hard to argue against voting for Republicans in the midterms.

If The Left Really Cared About Income Inequality, They’d Support Privatizing Social Security

Republicans ought to embrace the moral arguments about reducing inequality to make a fresh case for limited government on Social Security.