Alex Grass
Alex Grass
Alex Grass

Alex Grass is the religion and law correspondent for The Media Project. His opinions are his own.

Why A Schizophrenic Hobo Is More Qualified To Teach Your Kids Than Most College Administrators Are

Whatever his faults, Wesley’s lyrics have a picturesque clarity to them that is instructive compared to the nonsense coming from college administrators these days.

If Liberals Really ‘Welcome Refugees,’ Why Aren’t Any In Their Neighborhoods?

‘Refugees are welcome’ is a completely safe political statement for people in my uncle’s ritzy neighborhood to make, because they know it isn’t something they’ll ever have to deal with.

Here’s Proof Left-Wing Poetry Is Just Like Taxes But Less Interesting And More Painful

You can tell a lot about a person’s politics and outlook on life—and mental stability—by looking at the poems he writes.

After Rabbits, The Next Menu Item For Venezuela’s Socialist-Driven Food Crisis Might Be Lassie

In the topsy-turvy terror-land that is Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela, a storyline like ‘Lassie for Lunch’ may become as commonplace as a caudillo in a blood-red button-down.

I Don’t Mind Using Preferred Pronouns. I Mind Being Forced Into It

There is no place for commanding specific language—thoughts, even—in a free and open society.

Wearing Puzzle Pieces To Apologize For Your White Skin Is Anti-Science And Anti-History

At Elizabethtown College, students are donning white puzzle piece pins as a means of (virtue) signaling penitence for our time’s original sin: whiteness.

Europe’s Show Trials Are Where America’s Anti-Speech Regime Is Going

Progressives are prosecuting conservative dissenters for ‘hate crimes.’ Criminalizing politics not only crushes diversity—it’s just plain wrong.