Akhil Rajasekar
Akhil Rajasekar

Akhil Rajasekar is a student of politics and constitutional law at Princeton University. He is a former White House intern and the founder and president of The Federalist Society’s Princeton University Chapter. He can be followed on Twitter at @AkhilRajasekar.

Why It Doesn’t Matter If The Unborn Aren’t Persons

To the extent that any line must be drawn on the issue of murder, it must be drawn at human existence, thus implicating abortion.

Democrats Harp On Income Inequality Because They Don’t Know How To Help The Poor Rise

As the post-revolutionary French will attest, pulling down those at the top is never a sustainable solution to inequality.

When I Was Born In The United States To Non-Citizens, America Did Not Owe Me Citizenship

I had no natural right to citizenship of a country just because I was born within its geographical boundaries. Nor did my parents have the right to give me a citizenship they did not possess.

It Doesn’t Matter If You Love The Constitution If Your Neighbors Don’t Know What It Says

Our constitutional culture is falling apart. We must remedy that before it’s too late.

If You Buy Abortion Supporters’ Logic, You Also Have To Support Slavery

While both camps make their fair share of arguments, their reluctance to directly engage the other side makes it unlikely that society will progress towards a better understanding of this highly divisive issue.

Alienating Voters Over Hard-Left Policies Like Missouri’s Abortion Platform Is Killing Democrats

The Missouri Democratic Party voted to drive pro-lifers out of the party, effectively alienating moderates for the sake of their fringe wing.