Abby McCloskey
Abby McCloskey

Abby McCloskey is an economist and founder of McCloskey Policy LLC. She was an economic advisor for Jeb! ’16, and served as Gov. Rick Perry’s policy director for ’16.

President Trump’s Paid Leave Proposal Puts Democrats On The Defensive

President Trump has provided Republicans the opportunity to engage on paid leave in a meaningful way, and to craft a conservative solution.

What To Do If You’re Disillusioned With 2016

If you are discouraged by 2016 and the direction of the country, here’s a challenge, which I offer to you as much as to me: To watch Fox News and MSNBC less. To roll our sleeves up more.

Donald Trump’s Economy Will Look Like Obama’s

Donald Trump’s proposals—such as they are—will squeeze our suffocating economy even more tightly. We need the opposite.

What To Do Now That Most Americans Hate Big Government

The majority of Americans think the federal government is too big. Conservatives should harness this sentiment for structural reforms.