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Democrats Want Criminals To Vote, But No Ballot Access For Trump

Democrats don’t support extending to former President Donald Trump the same voting access they’d give to convicted criminals.


Although former President Donald Trump hasn’t been convicted of a crime despite two impeachments, FBI investigations, and myriad prosecutions, Democrats want him stripped from ballots while their party supports ballot access for criminals.

The official who unilaterally stripped Trump from the ballot in Maine did so based on her personal view that “Mr. Trump was aware of the likelihood for violence and at least initially supported its use” on Jan. 6, 2021. She is not a judge, and even if she were, such a pronouncement would be contrary to law.

Trump’s much-viewed public statements on that day were not a clear incitement to violence, and therefore are First Amendment-protected speech. Leftists are criminalizing speech by claiming it equals violence, breaking constitutional standards. The claim is belied by the facts: The vast majority of people listening to Trump that day were not incited to violence. There’s plenty of evidence that incitement occurred instead among the proportionally few rioters.

Claiming Trump incited insurrection is a political projection intended to promote a one-party state. It is the basis of lawsuits attempting to keep Trump off the ballot in more than a dozen states. One such lawsuit was successful last month in Colorado. That lawless state supreme court decision is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2023, 20 House Democrats cosponsored a bill to allow people still serving sentences for their crimes to vote in federal elections. Its cosponsors include Reps. Jerry Nadler and Dan Goldman, two key players in attempts to deprive Trump of his constitutional right to a fair trial and equal treatment under the law.

Goldman was Democrats’ lead counsel in the first Trump impeachment. Nadler was key to orchestrating that impeachment initially predicated on disinformation funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and laundered through the FBI.

Nadler has a history of weaponizing his elected position to undermine constitutional norms and enable left-wing violence. It was at his behest that President Bill Clinton pardoned left-wing insurrectionists who bombed the U.S. Capitol in 1983. Nadler also called Antifa domestic terrorism a “myth.”

State-level Democrats in New York, Washington, Maryland, and Virginia have also moved to allow convicted criminals to regain the power to affect laws despite deeply — and usually serially — violating fellow citizens’ rights. Two dozen Senate Democrats cosponsored a bill to allow postrelease felons to vote nationwide, with Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin claiming that not allowing lawbreakers to affect the nation’s laws is “Jim Crow.” The offensive claim is that black Americans are so criminally inclined it’s racist to apply the law to them equally and even to penalize crimes in the first place.

All 26 Democrat candidates for president in 2020 publicly supported restoring voting capacities to at least former felons, with five supporting voting access for current prisoners. Clearly, many Democrats support ballot access for criminals. But they don’t support extending to Trump the same voting powers they’d give to criminals.

There’s no comfort in asserting Trump will ultimately be convicted of at least one of the 91 felony counts pending against him. Indeed, it heightens the show trial vibes. So does the vast disparity in equal application of the law between Republicans and Democrats in this country.

Stacks of evidence show Democrats’ last two presidential candidates committed treasonous crimes. They were neither prosecuted nor convicted. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have plainly traded on their public positions for massive personal financial gain. That’s not just corruption, it’s treason: accepting bribes from foreign countries to put their desires above American interests.

Trump is being slam-prosecuted for things that go completely unprosecuted when done by Democrats and their allies. Almost certainly the evaluation figures of every single large real-estate deal in New York City could be contested. Evaluations always differ. Yet only Trump is at risk of losing fundamental and vast property rights due to this ridiculous, politically driven charge.

Joe Biden, Mike Pence, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton have all illegally used classified information. Unlike Trump, they’re not facing multiple felony charges for it. Hillary got aides to smash phones with hammers to hide God knows what, and no charges are pending against her. The FBI director, in fact, personally publically exonerated her.

Biden appears to have obstructed justice multiple times regarding his son, yet it’s Trump who faces this process charge from yet another politically motivated special counsel while the Department of Justice acts as a fixer on behalf of the Bidens.

Democrats support criminalizing their peaceful, lawful political opposition and decriminalizing anything their supporters do, including murder, rape, and robbery. Their reckless efforts to get Trump are denying him and the American public multiple constitutional rights, including:

  • free speech,
  • due process,
  • voting for the candidates of their choice,
  • equal protection of the laws,
  • peaceful public assembly for redress of grievances,
  • freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures,
  • freedom from mass and secret-warrant surveillance,
  • an impartial jury,
  • double jeopardy,
  • and freedom from excessive fines (such as the loss of an entire real-estate empire and the astronomical, bankrupting cost of multiple federal criminal defenses).

This isn’t the rule of law, it’s lawfare: using “law” as a political weapon. That’s what communists do. To them, the law is merely a Potemkin village disguising their sickening and dangerous abuses of power.

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