Tom Nichols
Tom Nichols
Tom Nichols
Tom Nichols is a professor at the U.S. Naval War College and at the Harvard Extension School. He has written widely, including five books, on international relations, Russian affairs, and nuclear weapons. In addition to his academic posts, he has been a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Relations, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In Washington, he served as personal staff for defense and security affairs in the United States Senate to the late Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania. He is also a five-time undefeated Jeopardy! champion. The views expressed here are his own. Also, he has an awesome cat named Carla. Follow him on Twitter, @RadioFreeTom.
We Should Fear ‘Brave New World’ More Than We Do ‘1984’

George Orwell’s dystopian classic, ‘1984,’ is back in vogue—but to understand what’s happening in our world, we need less Big Brother and more Aldous Huxley.

America’s Nuclear Response Procedure Explained, Using GIFs From ‘Friends’

Here’s everything you need to know about the United States’s nuclear response procedure as explained by gifs from ‘Friends.’

May Fidel Castro’s Crimes Against Humanity Rest In His Grave

Nature has finally removed from this planet a man so odious and responsible for so much human misery that our common human experience is better for his absence.

Is America Losing ‘The Iran Wars’?

With ‘The Iran Wars,’ the Wall Street Journal’s Jay Solomon has produced a compelling—and alarming—book recounting America’s inept attempts to contain Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Is Not Tony Soprano

This morning, New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro asked if Donald Trump was just Tony Soprano with better clothes. Nope.

Julian Assange Is A Russian Front-Man, Not A Freedom Fighter

No patriotic American should be celebrating the career of Julian Assange. His dissemination of others’ secrets has nothing to do with democracy and transparency, and everything to do with international espionage.

Stop Blaming Trump For The Disaster Obama Made Of Syria

There is only one American who must bear the moral stain of allowing Syria to become an abattoir, and that is the current president of the United States, Barack Obama.

For Lost Boys Like Micah Johnson, Any Ideology Is An Excuse To Kill

Maybe Micah Johnson, like Charleston murderer Dylann Roof and Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, was a screwed-up weirdo who went looking for a cause to support his desire to kill.

George Will May Be Leaving The GOP, But I’m Rejoining It

The party has been taken over by a gang of thugs, and I’ll be damned if I’ll hand the Party of Lincoln over to Donald Trump and his venal goons without making a stand.

The Iran Deal Wasn’t About Nukes At All

The Obama administration decided early on that the only way to get the United States out of the Middle East was to replace it with Russia and Iran.

If I Lose Friends Over Trump, So Be It

Donald Trump’s candidacy isn’t really about politics, which is why it divides people so deeply. It’s about revenge.

How President Obama Made Syria An Unfixable Quagmire

With nearly half a million dead and U.S. proxies fighting each other, Syria represents a failure of U.S. strategy and a lack of presidential leadership.

I’ll Take Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump

The future of the entire conservative movement is at stake, and a Hillary Clinton victory over Donald Trump might be the only hope of saving it.

How Facebook Envy Fuels Donald Trump

Never before have so many historically well-off people felt themselves so economically deprived.

Workers Of The World: Ignore Michael Dougherty’s Defense Of Donald Trump

It is because I am a son of the working class, and because I am from Chicopee, that I am so hard on the working-class men who support Donald Trump.

Retire The Doomsday Clock

Some scientists want you to believe we’re closer to the apocalypse because scaring you gives them power. That’s why they’ve rebooted the Doomsday Clock.

Terrorists Kill Because They Hate Themselves For Loving The West

These ‘Muslims’ excoriate the decadence of the West in between bong hits while watching porn, listening to hip-hop, and playing video games on the Devil’s Box known as ‘a computer.’

Can Putin Be Kept in Check?

In Garry Kasparov’s book, Winter is Coming, the Chess grandmaster lashes out at the West for enabling the rise of Vladimir Putin. Is his anger Justified?

Fear And Loathing In Hillary World

As Hillary Clinton marches to the Democratic nomination, something is happening to liberal writers that is uncomfortable even for conservatives to watch.

It’s Not Oppression To Say Thank You

When did the customer become the person in a transaction to say ‘Thank you,’ instead of the clerk?