Rachel Lu
Rachel Lu
Rachel Lu is a senior contributor at The Federalist. She has a PhD in philosophy from Cornell University and teaches at the University of St Thomas. As a Robert Novak Fellow, she is currently researching criminal justice reform. Her non-academic work can be found in Touchstone Magazine, the Public Discourse and Crisis Magazine. She is also a former Peace Corps Volunteer. Follow her on Twitter.
5 Ways To Talk To A Never Trump Voter Without Screaming

Hurled insults rarely fail to appease disgruntled voters. Since Never Trump types could make a difference in the election, perhaps try different tactics.

Our Republic Doesn’t Need Imaginary Flight 93 Heroes

We need people who can inspire magnanimity and self-sacrifice, in pursuit of honorable goals. That means we need people who have gotten past the Superman pajama stage.

We Need A New Fusionism

The heirs of William Buckley must find a way to forge a principled alliance with the new nationalists, based on something more than desperation and hatred of Democrats.

How The State Fair Gave Us The Best And Worst Day Ever

It was a perfect day at the fair, and it was all punctuated by the glow of our vegetary victory. Alas, all this glory was to end in sadness.

Why Is White Pride Creepy When Black Pride Isn’t?

Liberals have had their identity politics parties and now alt-righters want theirs.

Inundated By Floods, Overlooked By Media, Louisianans Help Themselves

Let’s appreciate the amazing mettle of Louisianans, who pulled together to weather an apocalyptic storm while being overlooked by their fellow countrymen.

Clinton Voters Have No Excuse For Snickering About Trump

What with the wall-to-wall Trump coverage, you maybe didn’t notice your candidate is Hillary Clinton.

How We Can Make Milwaukee’s Race Riots The Last

There may still be time to head off violence on a level of Watts, Rodney King, or the Holy Week uprisings of 1968. Any viable solution to the problem must involve greater accountability from everyone.

NFP Is A Way To Agree Woman’s Bodies Aren’t Bad

Women are not born broken. Our bodies are burdensome in certain respects, but some burdens are worth carrying. That’s the truth about natural family planning.

Ted Cruz Is Severus Snape

Ingenious, calculating, cloaked men sometimes turn out to be bad. Yet cold, calculating men can also be judged unfairly.

Why Are Progressives On An Anti-Christian Witch Hunt?

Mary Eberstadt’s new book argues ‘It’s Dangerous to Believe’—and that progressives need to learn to live with the religious believers before a creeping totalitarianism overtakes us all.

Is Anti-Race-Baiting A Form Of Race-Baiting?

At this moment conservatives should be looking for common ground and viable solutions, not radioactive buttons to push.

Why Gender-Neutral Child-Raising Is A Terrible Idea

Under the label ‘gender-neutral parenting,’ liberals are now trying to liberate boys from boyhood.

You Don’t Have To Be Black Lives Matter To Support Police Accountability

An ugly news story breaks, and many people’s immediate impulse is to run interference for the cops. They should restrain it. After all, police are people, too.

Minimum Wages And Trade Barriers Can’t Manufacture Dignity

Large-scale market interference risks turning some jobs into anti-productive workfare programs. What might that do for the dignity of the American worker?

What Brexit Says About The New Tribalism

Brexit, Trumpism, and rising nationalist parties in Europe demonstrate people will not forever consent to be led by cosmopolitans through the nose.

Are Sports The Last Great Thing About America?

The enchanted win of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday suggests sports can give our divided nation a means to solidarity and healing.

We Need Sentencing Reform And This Bill Is A Good Start

The past two decades have seen ramped-up sentences for drug criminals, which have cost us billions in taxpayer money, while yielding few benefits. Let’s take this opportunity to do better.

Conservatives Shouldn’t Blink On Criminal Justice Reform

The real myth about criminal justice reform is that we somehow have a choice in whether it happens.

The LGBT Movement Will Self-Destruct

Within my lifetime, the LGBT movement will die. It will be remembered not as a Selma moment, but as a Salem moment: a period of collective insanity.