Rachel Lu
Rachel Lu
Rachel Lu is a senior contributor at The Federalist. She has a PhD in philosophy from Cornell University and teaches at the University of St Thomas. As a Robert Novak Fellow, she is currently researching criminal justice reform. Her non-academic work can be found in Touchstone Magazine, the Public Discourse and Crisis Magazine. She is also a former Peace Corps Volunteer. Follow her on Twitter.
Yuval Levin Lightens Charles Murray’s Predictions Of America’s Doom

Precisely because he gets so much right, it’s easy to miss the things Charles Murray gets wrong about America’s current crisis. Yuval Levin to the rescue.

Alicia Florrick Is A Bad Wife

As a legal procedural and political drama, ‘The Good Wife’ is smart, nuanced and interesting. As a matrimonial tutorial, its moral is not so subtle. Marriage is doomed.

6 Traits Of People Who Help Others Out Of Prison Into Work

In a nation rife with social breakdown, it’s just not feasible to incarcerate all of our felons for life. Some attention must be given to rehabilitation.

5 Possible Reasons Conservatives Are Crazy About Sex

Let’s consider some possibilities about why conservatives seem to have so many rules about sex.

The Promise And Peril Of Being ‘Smarter Faster Better’

Bestselling self-help author Charles Duhigg touts the secrets to personal growth and high productivity. But is it even possible for a book to make you ‘Smarter Faster Better’?

Why Pro-Lifers Don’t Support Punishing Women For Abortion

Donald Trump’s remarks about punishing women who abort their children demonstrate how completely his sensibilities have been formed by the progressive left.

Erin Andrews Deserves Every Penny Of Her $55 Million Judgment

This is not just about Erin Andrews’ feelings, or the unpleasantness of being embarrassed. This is about an objective assault on her dignity, and it’s shameful to dismiss that.

How To Redirect Today’s Socialism And Fascism Towards Limited Government

In the midst of the nightmare, we might take comfort in this silver lining: if we wake up, there may still be a path forward.

Cruz And Rubio Need To Fire At Trump, Not Each Other

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and their respective supporters need to realize that the other is not the enemy. Donald Trump is.

How The Working Class Can Regain Its Dignity

The working class feels disrespected, but perhaps their anger also reflects their insecurities.

Want Lasting Romance? Take Your Date To Church

A new study finds that couples who attend church and pray together are happier. What’s more, church-going men see bigger benefits.

Marco Rubio Is The GOP’s Best Shot At The Presidency

The nation needs a charismatic leader who can build coalitions, pursue reasonable policy reforms, and persuade younger voters to give conservatism a chance.

Why We’re Addicted To Panic

We keep believing the apocalypse is coming, even though it never gets here, because we don’t know how else to feel alive.

Don’t Settle For ‘Average’ Kids

If my undergraduates were half as interested in excellence as they are in worldly success markers, American dynamism might be born anew.

A Conservative Civil War Solves Nothing

If the conservative fusionist alliance comes apart, our political process could simply be consumed by warring identity groups.

How Science Gives Tradition ‘The Finger’

‘Galileo’s Middle Finger’ frets about political correctness ruining scientific research, but refuses to acknowledge that faith and tradition can help us understand the limits of science.

How To Stop Police Problems Before They Become Shootings

When the details of a handful of police shooting cases radically form public opinion, we’re likely to end up with a badly distorted picture.

You Can Simultaneously Support The Police And Racial Justice

New data may give some credence to the anxieties of Black Lives Matter, without assuming that all police officers are violent, raging bigots.

In The Tamir Rice Case, Cleveland Was A Police Disaster Waiting To Happen

How can we expect real police reform when prosecutors are willing to send such a clear message in the Tamir Rice case that, however egregious the error, no one will ever be punished?

Is Barack Obama Qualified To Identify True Islam?

There probably is no magic bullet for ensuring that devout Muslims never take the dangerous ideological turn that Syed Farook and his wife did.