Rachelle Peterson
Rachelle Peterson
Rachelle Peterson
Rachelle Peterson is director of research at the National Association of Scholars, and the author of "Outsourced to China: Confucius Institutes and Soft Power in American Higher Education."
Senate Republicans’ Higher Ed Agenda Leaves Much To Be Desired

The Senate’s outgoing education chairman is focusing on reforms that are worthwhile but paltry compared to the problems of politicization and trivialization in higher education.

Documentary Pulls Back The Curtain On Communist China’s Global Soft Power Outposts

The riveting new documentary ‘In the Name of Confucius’ examines China’s controversial practice of planting outposts at more than 1,100 universities and K-12 schools across the world.

How Dare You Oppress Us By Funding Our College Education

Student activists stage sit-ins at their colleges to protest endowment investments in fossil fuels.

Reporters Explain Why Balance Isn’t Needed On Global Warming

Elite journalists explain why they have no need for ‘balance’ on the global warming issue. So much for scientific and reportorial inquiry.

Title Nein: CUNY Eliminates Sex-Specific Salutations

The City University of New York has banned staff from referring to students as “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” or “Ms.,” calling this act of politeness sex discrimination.

Don’t Underestimate The Eco-Worriers

Eco-worriers failed their midterms, but promise to ace the 2016 finals. Can they?