Julie Kelly
Julie Kelly
Julie Kelly is a National Review Online contributor and food policy writer from Orland Park, Illinois. She's also been published in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and The Hill.
No, Anti-Vaxxer Robert Kennedy Jr. Won’t Be Trump’s ‘Vaccine Czar’

The media should have checked this out before reporting it as fact and even going so far as to call Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a ‘vaccine czar’ without any confirmed details.

Reaction To Trump’s Team Proves Climate Alarmists Are The Real Deniers

After the election, there were reports of EPA employees breaking down in tears and Energy Department staffers needing counseling. It’s not because they care about the environment.

Donald Trump Is Fixin’ To Make The Ricky Bobby Presidency

Like Donald Trump, the fictional Ricky Bobby’s fans love his shoot-from-the-lip, self-congratulatory style. They swarm him wherever he goes, and he autographs anything from babies to breasts.

Thank Goodness Josh Earnest Is Almost Out Of The White House

It’s one thing to flak for your boss and defend him against his political detractors; it’s another thing to insert yourself into the most contentious presidential election in modern history.

Kellyanne Conway Would Be A Feminist Hero If She Were A Democrat

She’s a lawyer, pollster, and business owner. She’s a mom of four, and a self-made woman. Why do feminists ignore her? Oh, that’s right—she’s Republican.

How Did The Media Miss Suburban Women Who Hate Hillary Clinton?

Almost every suburban mom I knew in my relatively diverse suburb planned to vote for Trump. Was I living in some alternative universe? Turns out not.