Greg Scandlen
Greg Scandlen
Greg Scandlen
Greg Scandlen is the founder of Consumers for Health Care Choices, a non-partisan, non-profit membership organization aimed at empowering consumers in the health care system. A former NCPA staff member, Scandlen is an accomplished writer, researcher, and public speaker. He is considered one of the nation's experts on health care financing, insurance regulation, and employee benefits. He testifies frequently before Congress, and appears on such television shows as the O'Reilly Factor, NBC Nightly News, and CNN. Scandlen has published numerous papers on topics such as health care costs, insurance reform, employee benefits, individual insurance programs, HSAs and HRAs, and every aspect of consumer-driven health care. He also has served as a fellow in health policy at the Cato Institute and as President of the Health Benefits Group, a consulting firm in Frederick, Maryland. He blogs at
Obamacare Is Repealing Itself, But Republicans Need To Do More

When this law is finally declared dead, Republicans should focus on the real health-care problems that Obamacare never even tried to address.

We Need A Religious Response To ISIS

While Christian martyrs and Muslim terrorists are both willing to die for their religious beliefs, only the latter are willing to execute others for those beliefs.

How Many Women Are Pressured Into Abortions?

We’re supposed to believe both that women never flinch when considering abortions and that they can’t buy their own birth control. New research shows that’s absurd.

Christian Missions And The Spread Of Democracy

Protestant missionaries played an integral role in spreading democracy throughout the world. We could preserve our own if we learn from their ways.

Like Most People, President Obama Gets The Crusades Wrong

President Obama, like many nowadays, think it’s fair to equate Islamist terrorism with the medieval Crusades. It’s not.

Federal Health-Care Exchanges Put Up ‘Hack Me’ Sign

Unlike private insurance company Anthem, federal health-care exchanges won’t even notify customers if hackers get their sensitive information.

Tear Down The Health Care Fortress So We Can Explore The Frontier

Medical care is about the same monolithic fortress it was 50 years ago, only more expensive and complicated. Innovation requires whole-system conversion.

What I’ve Learned From Dropping Fox News

I switched cable providers, and the new one inexplicably lacks Fox News. Although Fox isn’t perfect, I’m suffering.

In Defense Of Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber told some truths about health care that few people want to hear.

Obamacare Makes Corporate Wellness Programs Even Worse

Corporate wellness programs were a waste anyway, but Obamacare has predictably made them even worse.

The Supreme Court’s Reign Of Terror, 1937-1944

A flood of Supreme Court decisions between 1937 and 1944 completely reordered American society and the Constitution itself.

Taking Life And Death Into Our Own Hands

Ok, Ezekiel Emanuel. Let’s take matters into our own hands. But why start at the end of life?

Zeke Emanuel Wants You To Die At 75

Ezekiel Emanuel cannot stand to think that, someday, he might not be as fabulous as he is now.

Mutual Aid Societies: It’s Amazing What People Can Do Together

History shows how local, mutual aid fed hungry children, covered medical emergencies, and empowered working-class men—no formal government necessary.

Three Conservative Ideas Buried Within Obamacare

Here are three conservative ideas that liberal Democrats have fiercely resisted in the past, but are now baked into Obamacare. Will Republicans spurn them?

The Commonwealth Fund: American Health Care Is Awful

The Commonwealth Fund has come out with the latest iteration of its ongoing campaign to inform our political leaders that American health care sucks.

Don’t Worry, Obamacare Premiums Are No Big Deal

Are Obamacare premiums going to go up? Don’t worry, it’s no big deal.

Why The New RAND Study Tells Us Little About The Uninsured

Timed perfectly to advance the new Obamacare victory dance, the RAND Corporation claims 9.3 million Americans are newly insured.

Can Anyone Tell How Obamacare Is Doing?

Does Obamacare really deserve credit for making people buy insurance when it caused them to lose it?

Mandates Never Work: The Case of Auto Insurance

Yes, 14 percent of all drivers are uninsured. This really should not be surprising.