Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs
Chris Jacobs is founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group, a policy consulting firm based in Washington, and a senior health policy analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Previously he was a senior policy analyst in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies, and a senior policy analyst with the Joint Economic Committee’s Senate Republican staff. During the debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, Jacobs was a policy adviser for the House Republican Conference under then-Chairman Mike Pence. In the first two years of the law’s implementation, he was a health policy analyst for the Senate Republican Policy Committee. Jacobs got his start on Capitol Hill as an intern for then-Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from American University, where he is a part-time teacher of health policy. He currently resides in Washington, D.C.
There He Goes Again: Lamar Alexander Misrepresents His Health Insurer Bailout

Sen. Lamar Alexander’s article includes several omissions and outright false statements about his bailout legislation. Here are the facts Alexander wouldn’t dare admit about his bill.

Study Suggests Medicaid Is A ‘Persistently Inferior’ Form Of Health Coverage

A new study suggests Medicaid provides inferior outcomes in the nation’s largest state, raising more questions about the program that represents the bulk of Obamacare’s coverage expansion.

7 Laws That Repudiate Pelosi’s Insistence GOP Tax Reform Is ‘The Worst Bill In History’

The idea that allowing people to keep more of their money represents the ‘worst bill in… history’ tells people all they need to know about the current Democratic Party.

GOP Lawmaker: We’ll Just Dismantle Whatever Stops Our Out-Of-Control Spending

To demonstrate that most Republicans have no desire to reduce federal spending, one need look no further than a Politico story last Thursday.

Dear Congress: Tax Rates Won’t Ultimately Matter If You Never Cut Spending

Neither party wants to reduce spending—a bad sign for future generations, who will pay the price for current leaders’ profligate ways.

Are Cost-Sharing Reductions Subject To The Sequester?

Both sets of payments to insurers Susan Collins wants—the cost-sharing reductions and reinsurance—could end up subject to a statutory sequester due to the tax bill.

How To Live Thanks? By Giving

Perhaps this most American of holidays inspires us to an even higher calling—focusing not just on thanks, but on giving.

6 Reasons The Individual Mandate ‘Deal’ Is Rotten Health Policy

Federal funding for abortions, higher insurance premiums for Americans, massive bailouts for fat-cat insurance companies—what’s not to love?

How President Obama ‘Sabotaged’ Obamacare More Lawlessly Than Trump Supposedly Has

Both President Trump and President Obama took action to prevent dramatic premium spikes due to Obamacare’s insurance mandates. Yet only Trump was accused of ‘sabotage.’

Why Complaints About Paul Ryan Ditching ‘Regular Order’ Are Political Head Fakes

Members of Congress support ‘regular order’ only as long as it delivers the policy outcomes they desire.

How Medicaid Expands Social And Economic Inequality

Medicaid’s constant, inexorable growth in state budgets has left less money for education of all types—not least higher education.

Why Republicans Would Be Crazy To Repeal Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Inside Tax Reform

Using repeal of the individual mandate to pass tax reform represents a game of Russian roulette that Congress should not even contemplate.

The House GOP’s Children’s Health Subsidies Bill Is A Muddled Mess

If Republicans will end up passing an SCHIP reauthorization along party lines, why not ensure that the legislation includes solid conservative policies throughout?

Why Congress Shouldn’t Repeal Medicare Spending Caps Without Reforming Entitlements

For multiple reasons, Congress should not repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board without first enacting a suitable replacement.

Democrats Hawking Obamacare ‘Sabotage’ Ignore Their Own

In the Center for American Progress’ view, any decline in exchange enrollment lies entirely at President Trump’s feet, but any increase in enrollment comes despite Trump.

CBO Confirms ‘Stability’ Bill Provides A Multi-Billion-Dollar Insurer Bailout

Overall, insurers could receive a windfall of $4 to $5 billion from the Alexander-Murray subsidies spigot. That’s plenty more than the ‘specific benefit’ to taxpayers.

Bailing Out Health Insurers Now Would Only Reward Their Negligence

Conservatives should reject the premise that Congress must immediately open the federal piggy bank to replenish the unconstitutional subsidies the Trump administration cut off.

4 Questions About The Alexander-Murray Health Insurers Subsidies Bill

The process for handing health insurers billions of taxpayer dollars to backfill a sinking Obamacare rather than replace it is looking a lot like passing Obamacare itself.

Here’s What’s Inside The Alexander-Murray Insurance Subsidies ‘Deal’

Legislative text has not yet been released, but based on press reports, Twitter threads, and a summary circulating on Capitol Hill, here’s what we know might be in the final package.

The Alexander-Murray Health ‘Deal’ Sends Tax Dollars To Abortion Coverage

The significant sums in play would represent the second-largest expansion of federal abortion funding, behind only Obamacare itself.