Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs
Chris Jacobs is founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group, a policy consulting firm based in Washington. Previously he was a senior health policy analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a senior policy analyst in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies, and a senior policy analyst with the Joint Economic Committee’s Senate Republican staff. During the debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, Jacobs was a policy adviser for the House Republican Conference under then-Chairman Mike Pence. In the first two years of the law’s implementation, he was a health policy analyst for the Senate Republican Policy Committee. Jacobs got his start on Capitol Hill as an intern for then-Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from American University, where he is a part-time teacher of health policy. He currently resides in Washington, D.C.
If You’re 48 And Your Dad Does Your Taxes, You Have A Problem

This Wall Street Journal article reads like the prototypical combination of fiscal irresponsibility and helicopter parenting gone amok.

This American Life’s Reporters Don’t Understand This American Government

While President Trump undoubtedly introduced more foibles into the legislative process, he has not changed its fundamental dynamic.

Not Only Did Paul Ryan Not Fix Entitlements, He Made Them Worse

Paul Ryan’s ‘legacy’ on entitlement reform will consist of his role as the first speaker to repeal a cap on entitlement spending.

Paul Ryan Shares Responsibility For Republicans’ Obamacare Failure

At the end of 2016, I thought Paul Ryan had a plan, and that achieving consensus on a plan would prove the tough part. But Ryan didn’t even have a plan.

Is The CBO Director Breaking The Law To Help Paul Ryan Bail Out Obamacare?

In a Monday report, CBO changed the rules, and violated the law, to make it easier for Congress to pass an Obamacare bailout.

Congress Will Keep Passing Garbage Omnibus Bills Until Lawmakers Yank Leadership’s Chain

Members of Congress have it within their collective power to change the ways their respective chambers act—if only they have the political will.

Disingenuous Study Will Help Democrats Scaremonger Over Health Premiums

Like other studies before it, the Urban paper omitted inconvenient truths that have made this year’s premium increases less drastic for consumers than they appear at first blush.

No, Nancy Pelosi, Republicans Aren’t ‘Cutting’ Medicare, But They Should

Democrats and Republicans are working together to burn down the U.S. economy by ignoring our Medicaid- and Medicare-fueled debt tsunami.

Republicans, Stop Avoiding Obamacare’s Problems And Start Fixing Them

Republicans seem insistent on doing anything but solving the ultimate problem with Obamacare: strangling states’ and individuals’ power to manage their own health care.

Republicans Omit Obamacare Bailout From Omnibus. DO NOT CONGRATULATE

To most individuals outside Washington, Republicans moving to bail out Obamacare, and attempting to pass 2,200-plus page bills in mere hours, signifies a degree of insanity.

If Mitch McConnell Allows Susan Collins’ Bailout Vote, He Sells Senators’ Trust Down The River

Does Mitch McConnell grant Sen. Susan Collins a vote on her appropriations amendment after Republican leaders castigated Sen. Rand Paul for asking for a vote on his amendment?

Here’s What’s Inside The Latest Obamacare ‘Stability’ Bailout Proposal

In general, the bill would increase the deficit by $19.1 billion and appropriate more than $60 billion to insurance companies, propping up and entrenching Obamacare rather than repealing it.

The Obamacare ‘Stability’ Bill Likely Wouldn’t Lower Premiums

Most Americans would judge premium impacts by one simple metric: Will my premiums go up or down compared to what I paid last year?

Susan Collins Moves The Goalposts On An Obamacare Bailout

The White House, and McConnell, should never have made an agreement on a ‘stability’ bill with Collins in the first place.

Republicans Are Brandishing Another Flawed Premium Study

The study itself admits that most of the supposed premium “reduction” for 2019 likely will not materialize.

Reminder: Republicans Have Done Zilch To Fix Obama’s ‘Great Heist’ On Obamacare

Do Republicans hope conservatives forgot when Republicans actually put taxpayers ahead of health insurers, rather than trying to shovel them more money?

3 Unanswered Questions In Covered California’s Bogus Premium Study

Either the Exchange views is #resisting President Trump, or it wants to use the headlines to motivate Congress to pass a ‘stability’ package.

Paul Ryan Flip-Flops On Fiscal Responsibility To Prop Up Obamacare

After decrying Obamacare as ‘full of gimmicks and smoke-and-mirrors’ in 2010, Ryan is now using budget gimmicks to bail out the law.

Aetna’s Big Gun Control Donation Shows It’s The Epitome Of Liberal Crony Capitalism

If a company like Aetna can afford to make a six-figure contribution to a gun control effort, why are health insurers asking for a multi-billion dollar federal bailout for the Obamacare exchanges?

The Binary Choice Paul Ryan Doesn’t Want to Face

Paul Ryan can support an Obamacare bailout, or he can support the pro-life movement. But he cannot support both.