W. Bradford Wilcox
W. Bradford Wilcox
W. Bradford Wilcox

W. Bradford Wilcox is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and the co-author of “For Richer, for Poorer: How Family Structures Economic Success in America.” He also directs the Home Economics Project at the American Enterprise Institute and the Institute for Family Studies. Follow him on Twitter @WilcoxNMP.

The Divorce Revolution Has Bred An Army Of Woman Haters

The divorce revolution has created a large minority of men who are ambivalent or hostile towards sacrifice, commitment, women, and marriage.

The Red Family Advantage

More marriage plus less non-marital childbearing equals more family stability in the nation’s most conservative counties, finds new research.

Don’t Hold A Funeral For Marriage Yet

A close look at recent trends in marriage, non-marital childbearing, and single parenthood suggests the nation’s retreat from marriage may be slowing.

Yes, Matt Yglesias, The Marriage Decline Is A Problem

The decline of marriage is one of the primary reasons that the richer and poorer classes in our country are increasingly separate and unequal.

#YesWomenAndChildren Are Safer Within Intact Marriages

New evidence continues to indicate that the best shelter against domestic violence is a healthy marriage.

It’s Not Just The Economy Devastating Working-Class Families

Less decent-paying work for less-educated men, cultural shifts away from marriage-centered familism, and the erosion of masculinity have drastically reduced marriage rates and eroded American society.