Timothy M. Jackson
Timothy M. Jackson

Timothy Jackson loves to discuss God, politics, and what it means to pursue the Good. He lives in Kansas City with his wife and two children. Follow him on Twitter @TMichaelJack.

Why Mothers Don’t Have The Right To Refuse Babies The Use Of Their Wombs

It is implausible to claim a child does not belong in the place she began to exist and the only place she can survive: in the nurture and care her mother’s body naturally provides.

Why Women Can Never Have A Constitutional Right To An Abortion

An understanding of rights that does not allow them all to be obtained simultaneously is wholly incoherent. The Kansas Supreme Court seems not to care.

Ireland Should Continue To Affirm That Pregnancy Equals Motherhood

Ireland currently recognizes that we have a moral obligation to care for all children. The pro-life country should keep it that way.

This Is Not Hyperbole: Democrats Now Refuse To Oppose Infanticide

For all the cries of ‘extremism’ at any attempt to limit abortion, the Democratic Party is now defending practices that amount to infanticide.

Why Elective Abortion Can Never Constitute Health Care

Intentionally killing a human being is a direct contradiction of the Hippocratic Oath. No mantra will change that.

Everyone Thinks The Unborn Are Persons. Saying Otherwise Is Just Denial

Our beliefs about ourselves and personal identity over time reveal that we already acknowledge the unborn are persons. We just haven’t reflected on the implications.

You Don’t Need To be Religious To Believe Abortion Is Wrong

Science and non-religious morality provide the proof one needs that an unborn child is a distinct human being who deserves legal and societal protection.