Timm Amundson
Timm Amundson

Timm Amundson is a small business owner and conservative polemicist from Chicago, Illinois.

Iran Hostilities Threaten Trump’s Promises To Get Us Out Of Foreign Wars

The president should stop one day talking like a devoted noninterventionist, and the next day putting a great big smile on the faces of neoconservatives.

If The Media Investigated Hillary Like They Did Watergate, We Wouldn’t Need WikiLeaks

Today, mainstream publications have become willing accomplices in suppressing the same type of information they worked so tenaciously to expose all those years ago.

The GOP Is Committing Suicide If It Doesn’t Harness Trump’s Populism

Republicans have the exclusive opportunity to help mold and steer a powerful movement. Their refusal to do so could result in a gigantic voting bloc striking out, never to return.

Why I Support Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the only candidate seeking to put America’s interests first, especially in the areas of trade, defense, and immigration.