Simone Grace Seol
Simone Grace Seol

Simone Grace Seol is a Seoul-based essayist and illustrator. She writes a column, The Bibliophile, for the National Book Review. You can tweet her at @TheSimoneGrace.

Some May Call Trump Crazy, But South Koreans Say It’s Like A Fox

The recent meeting of the Korean leaders and upcoming Trump-Kim summit in Singapore represent progress that most South Koreans assumed would be impossible to see in our lifetimes.

Why Ivy League Grads Are Going Into Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing is no longer the domain of the middle-aged mom. It’s your real estate agent, doctor, entertainment executive, and overachieving girlfriend who just had a baby.

How South Korea’s New Leadership Vacuum Endangers America

South Korea’s Constitutional Court just voted to oust the conservative, pro-America president Park Geun-hye, disgraced by a devastating corruption scandal.