Sean Saffron
Sean Saffron
Sean Saffron

Sean Saffron is the pen name of a congressional communications staffer. He blogs at and can be found on Twitter @SeanSaffronBlog.

Ted Cruz For Senate

Ted Cruz can lead by example and show that Congress is important. The Senate should once again be where intelligent, principled statesmen prefer to serve their country.

Obama Takes Childcare Choice Away From Poor Parents

Next from President Obama’s government by fiat: expanding and centralizing federal control over childcare and preschool.

We’re Already A Cradle-To-Grave Welfare State

Joe Biden’s farewell called for the same expanded programs Hillary and all Democrats want. Really, what difference would it make?

Comrade Clinton’s Stalinist Energy Plan

Facing only token opposition from congressional Republicans, the totalitarian Left is ready to enact their agenda. Hillary Clinton’s energy plan is right in line with the rest of it.

Republicans Shouldn’t ‘Rescue’ States From Bad Federal Laws

Congressional Republicans shouldn’t step outside the Constitution’s bounds to impose laws on states they disagree with.

Republicans Can Stop Obama’s Executive Abuses With This One Simple Legislative Trick

Repeal the drinking age. Yes, really.

Ted Cruz For Senate, Not President

Conservatives need Ted Cruz in the Senate to restore its power against a tyrannical presidency. Instead, he’s chosen to abandon it.