Scott Ruesterholz
Scott Ruesterholz

Scott Ruesterholz is a politically active conservative in New York, NY. He works in financial services. He can be followed on Twitter @Read_N_Learn.

Forget A Universal Basic Income. Instead, Pay Married People To Have More Babies

Republicans must become not just the party of workers but also the party of families. They should do it by upping Joe Biden’s proposed child tax credit into something bigger.

Why The U.S. Tax System Needs A Border Adjustment

By backing away from a border adjustment, Republicans are making a major mistake. This policy will help narrow the trade deficit and fund a tax cut for all domestic businesses.

How Populism Can Rejuvenate American Conservatism’s Ideas

A grand merger between conservatism and populism is a logical inevitability that will boost both the movement and, more importantly, the nation.