Sarah Dezelin
Sarah Dezelin

Sarah Dezelin is a video game technician and rising political activist. She is currently working toward a natural resources degree at the University of Connecticut.

Gamers Outraged Over Chicago’s New 9 Percent ‘Amusement Tax’

Only a city as bankrupt as Democrats have made Chicago needs to tax ever last living thing it can possibly find. This time, that’s electronic entertainment.

If You Want To Torture Yourself For Fun, Play ‘Trap Adventure 2’

‘Trap Adventure 2’ is taking gamers by storm because completing the game itself is the challenge. And it’s harder than it sounds.

‘Phantom Block’ Demo Lets You Design Your Own Video Game

This game is another demonstration of how videogame developers are always seeking to make games fresh and new by expanding the boundaries of possibility in our fast-changing world.

Meet A Team Of Senior Gamers Who Take On The Kids In Counter-Strike

Swede Monica ‘Teen Slayer’ Idenfors says, ‘I have played some digital games on Facebook before but I have never done any sort of legit “e-sport” before this.’

Why Animal Crossing’s Latest Mobile Game Hits The Sweet Spot

Nintendo took the Animal Crossing formula, added elements from other mobile games, and made a free-to-play, highly polished hybrid that the gaming world is falling in love with.

How You Can Beta Test An Add-On That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Classic Game Boy

Hyperkin is developing a device that would allow you to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on your Android.

Pay-To-Play ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Enrages Gamers

EA’s ‘micro-transactions’ mean players either have to spend a disgusting number of hours in game, or spend a lot of hard-earned cash getting the things that should have been included.

Today’s Hottest Adult Board Games Are A Release Valve For Political Correctness

While people who have played such games can testify to their linguistic transgressiveness, they also report a certain glee at being set free to say and imply ‘taboo’ ideas.

Why You’re Not Likely To Get Out Of D&D’s ‘Tomb Of Annihilation’ Alive

Designed with dead ends left and right, and littered with difficult enemies meant to frustrate and distract, ‘Tomb of Annihilation’ promises to be a fierce adventure.

Nintendo Goes Back To Classic 3D Mario For ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ will be reverting the series back to open world, while creating new puzzles and updating setting elements.

Here Are Your Best Strategies To Capture Moltres In Pokemon Go

Niantic has finally released legendary bird Moltres to the public! Here are some strategies to prepare yourself and your team for the fight to catch a Moltres.

‘Sims 4’ Users Compete To Get Their Virtual Kids Taken Fastest By CPS

In The Sims, and other games without a clear ‘ending,’ people have taken to creating their own goals, many of which are heavy in dark humor.