Robert Oscar Lopez
Robert Oscar Lopez
Robert Oscar Lopez

Robert Oscar Lopez is an associate professor of English and classics. He edits
English Manif and founded the International Children’s Rights Institute.

Leftists Use Tenure To Protect The Left, Not To Encourage Debate

Academic freedom in a tenure-based system is not freedom but rather special protection and privileges given to a handful of cronies.

Civil Rights And The Sexual Revolution Need A Divorce

Many in the New Left have hallucinated that white men seeking to satisfy sexual urges without guilt were like black people resisting the Ku Klux Klan. Please.

Racism Isn’t The Problem On Campus, Gender Insanity Is

I am the sort of person that campus minority protesters at both Yale and Mizzou seem to be demanding more of. But I’m also under attack from the PC police.

Taylor Swift Celebrates The Sexes In ‘Wildest Dreams’

We love Taylor Swift because our ‘Wildest Dreams’ are about traditional sex roles.

Gay Exceptionalism: The Disco On A Hill

Journalists covering the Supreme Court’s gay-marriage case refuse to question gay parenting, despite myriad opportunities.

Here’s What You Should Know To Take On Big Gay

In a reasonable world, one could discuss the effects of policies the gay lobby favors without fearing a totalitarian smear campaign. But who said the world is reasonable?

What It’s Like To Face The LGBT Inquisition

Dare to question the new moral majority? The LGBT Inquisition will seek to eliminate your freedom of thought. A bisexual son of lesbian parents speaks up.