Richard Dean Young
Richard Dean Young

Richard Dean Young is a retired minister, seminary professor, and author who served more than 42 years in South Asia and South America. He is the author of the true history book, “The Last of the Apaches.”

Here’s What I Learned From Living Through Massive Inflation In Argentina And The 1970s United States

Economists almost universally agree on one thing, which we personally experienced. If you indiscriminately print money, you will end up with hyperinflation.

America’s Political Establishment Is Still Stuck In Its Prius Moment

Democrats and others on the Left have been responding to President Trump about as rationally as a band of redneck drivers with a collective short fuse.

Don’t Get Fooled By Silly Comparisons Between Andrew Jackson And Donald Trump

When people compare different actors on the historical stage and express themselves from a political viewpoint, we can expect to end in the realm of the absurd or the downright ridiculous.