Richard Samuelson
Richard Samuelson
Richard Samuelson

Richard Samuelson is an associate professor of history at California State University, San Bernardino

Kim Davis And The Rule Of Law

Kim Davis views her stand as simply one of conscience rights, but it implicates many more questions about the rule of law and the democratic process.

The 14th Amendment: Birthright For Whom?

Is it a coincidence that roughly the same Justices gave us both government mandated segregation and made soil the basis of citizenship?

Toleration Is Postmodern-Speak For Bigotry

Religious liberty is not an indulgence a superior gives to his inferiors, toleration for practices and beliefs he regards as repugnant, as one tolerates one’s in-laws.

Remembering Harry Jaffa: Truth, Justice, And The American Way

In a world of moral relativism, one political philosopher stood for the ideals that make us human, and make us American. Harry Jaffa, rest in peace.

How John Adams Helps Explain The American Mind

The dispute between John Adams and Edmund Burke can illuminate today’s differences between American and European conservatives.