P. H. Guthrie
P. H. Guthrie
P. H. Guthrie

The author has worked on numerous statewide political campaigns in Virginia, South Dakota and Washington, D.C. He currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area.

Michigan Senate Race Between Kid Rock And Debbie Stabenow Will Be a Toss-Up

Robert Ritchie may win election as a ‘bad boy rocker turned occasionally sober grandfather,’ if only to reiterate middle America’s rejection of their corrupt and incompetent governing class.

The GOP Bill Signs Adoption Papers For Obamacare

This type of ‘pass-it-to-find-out-what’s-in-it’ mentality birthed Obamacare, and is the reason the conservative base increasingly despises their party.

The Obama Admin Declared War On Trump. Trump Just Responded With His Own Declaration

President Trump has escalated the controversy over alleged Russian interference in the campaign into a political war between the current and former presidents.

Republican Lawmakers Should Stop Enforcing Unconstitutional Supreme Court Decisions

Rather than accepting the Supreme Court’s usurpations as ‘law of the land,’ Republicans should restore the court’s coequal status with Congress and the presidency.