Omari Faulkner
Omari Faulkner

Omari Faulkner is the author of the new book “Athlete for Life.” This student-athlete manual guides readers on how to maximize their athletic and academic experience for lifelong success. He is a proud American, former diplomat, Georgetown professor, and a staunch supporter of culture, history and diplomacy. Omari believes in service and community building – whether in his travels around the U.S. or to nearly 50 countries, he always makes a point to get off the beaten path and connect. Follow his work on Twitter @OmariFaulkner.

Virginia Democrats Are Attacking Robert E. Lee Statue To Whitewash Their Own Racism

Virginia Democrats want to exploit African American voters with indignation over statues to distract from their hypocritical offenses and to avoid talking about the issues that matter to Virginia families today.

Juneteenth Is A Celebration Of The United States’ History And Promise

Today when I visit gravesites, museums, and landmarks honoring those who were enslaved in our country, I no longer feel that frustration I felt as a kid. Instead, my mind goes back in time.

New Civil Rights Museum Proves Americans Can Still Come Together To Honor U.S. History

A new Mississippi museum highlights the importance of remembering, preserving, and commemorating our country’s history through learning about our past.

Why President Trump’s State Department Budget Cuts Are Inspiring

President Trump has proposed cutting the State Department’s budget. Its mission will prevail. The power of cultural diplomacy comes from people, not government funding.

Lawmakers Claiming Trump’s Budget Hurts African-Americans Are Simply Grandstanding

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen has been an elected official since 1977. He has no excuse to pass the buck for Memphis’s problems onto a proposed federal budget.