Maureen Mullarkey
Maureen Mullarkey
Maureen Mullarkey

Maureen Mullarkey is a painter and a critic. A member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), she writes on art and its intersection with religious and politics. Her essays have appeared in various publications, including The Nation, The Hudson Review, Arts Magazine, Art & Antiques, and The American Arts Quarterly. She was a columnist for The New York Sun during its life as a print publication. Currently, she is a senior contributor to The Federalist, an irregular contributor to The Weekly Standard, and keeper of a weblog titled Studio Matters. She is represented by George Billis Gallery, NYC. Follow her on Twitter, @mmletters.

Catholics Should Condemn Hillary’s Real Crimes, Not Her Staffers’ Email Comments

Our shepherds avert their eyes from the squalor of Hillary Clinton’s behavior in office and her policy proposals. Instead, they take aim at the thought crimes of her campaign team.

Feminists Blazed The Trail For Donald Trump’s Vulgarity

You want locker room talk? Forget Donald Trump. His old-style cisgender crudity is as outdated as a codpiece.

Christians Shouldn’t Approach Today’s World As If It’s Pagan Rome

We learn from history only if we draw the right lessons from it. The radical distance between the Roman world and our own is far-reaching.

Because The Incarnate Matters, E-Readers Can Never Replace Real Books

E-readers are efficient and easy to use—but they’ll never compare to the tangible pleasures of physical books.

Was Jacques Hamel A Martyr To The Faith Or To His Illusions About Islam?

The ISIS-inspired attack on a priest and his church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray is a lesson in the price Christianity pays for the fanaticism of profligate mercy.

Can’t We Just Mourn The Police Instead Of Exploiting Their Deaths?

Our town’s commemoration of the Orlando terrorist attacks was well-attended, self-congratulatory, even festive. Its memorial for slain police officers was sparse and ambivalent.

A Free Society Is The Common Enemy Of Radical Islam And The Left

Our elites compete with each other for conjuring away the obvious or turning it into a spearhead against the open society that offends both totalitarian Islam and the Left.

Pope Francis Betrays Christianity By Romanticizing Poverty

Pope Francis’s ‘theology of the people’ is Marxism.

Trump: The Art Of The Brand

The moral and civic vulgarity of our political class is more consequential, more dangerous, than Donald Trump’s offenses against polite taste.

What Vintage Pulp Fiction Covers Say About Today’s Vices

The cover art for vintage pulp fiction had the virtue of acknowledging the centrality of sin even while exploiting it.

Why Anti-Catholicism Will Rise

The descent into manipulative power politics by Pope Francis and many bishops presages a resurgence of anti-Catholic sentiment in the United States.

Behind Our Lack Of Personal Responsibility Is A Refusal To Confess Sins

The curtained confessional stands as the emblem of a moral universe remote from the temper of our time. Now, we excuse evildoing, and blame the innocent.

Mizzou Is What Happens When We Allow Too Much Privacy

Today’s campus crybullies, insisting on the primacy of their willed realities, are inheritors of Bill Clinton’s poisonous grand jury moment in 1998.

We Allow Planned Parenthood Because We Hate Mortality

So long as we think of our bodies in terms of replaceable components, the harvesting of fetal bodies will continue.

Che Guevara’s Pope

Pope Francis’s address to Congress will prove a concluding flourish to the descent of the Catholic Church into an accessory for modern man’s temptation toward totalitarianism.

Pope Francis Ushers The Second Coming Of Peronism

On the eve of a papal visit and descent on Congress, Americans should learn the contours of the redistributive political climate that shaped Pope Francis.

The Breasted Gent And What to Call Him

Instead of Anne Jones, Barnum & Bailey’s Bearded Lady, we moderns have Caitlyn Jenner, pop culture’s Breasted Gent.

Where Did Pope Francis’s Extravagant Rant Come From?

In his new encyclical, Pope Francis has diverted the gospel into a series of ill-supported political pronouncements.

Is The Catholic Church Drifting Into Eco-Spirituality?

A series of initiatives by the Catholic Church aim to draft parishioners into earth warriors.

Pope Francis Is A Leftist And Must Be Called Out

Pope Francis has associated with revolutionaries and ideologies that destroy human life and living conditions. The right response is not silence.