Matthew Kolken
Matthew Kolken

Matthew L. Kolken has served as an elected director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Board of Governors where he has been a member since 1997. Mr. Kolken has appeared nationally on MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN. His legal analysis has been solicited by the Washington Post’s Fact Check of the immigration statements of Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Donald Trump, as well as on the immigration status of the parents of First Lady Melania Trump. His op-eds have been published on FOX News, The Guardian, NPR’s Latino USA,, and where he serves as a member of their advisory board. You may follow Matthew Kolken on Twitter @mkolken.

Despite Supreme Court, Trump Can Still Deport Illegal Residents Obama Amnestied

The bottom line is that only an act of Congress can remove the discretionary authority of the executive branch to enforce immigration law.

Why Prince Harry Might Have Had To Flee To The United States After Losing His Royalty

Meghan and Harry left Canada in the nick of time before the shared border was shuttered to all nonessential travel — but I suspect it had more to do with a loss of royal status than it did coronavirus.

Why Criminal Prosecution Might Be The Least Of Ilhan Omar’s Legal Concerns

Rep. Ilhan Omar needs competent immigration counsel to ensure that there is no threat of her losing her citizenship, or, worse, deportation.