Madison Peace
Madison Peace
Madison Peace

Madison V. Peace is a 2015 Robert Novak Journalism Fellow. She works in non-profit communications and lives in New York City.

Is It Time For Christians To Embrace The Benedict Option?

Hundreds gathered in New York City to discuss Rod Dreher’s new book, ‘The Benedict Option,’ and to consider his call for ‘strategic retreat.’

Theologian Wayne Grudem Is Wrong About Trump Being A Morally Good Choice

Wayne Grudem joins the ranks of other opportunistic evangelical leaders who are backing Trump not because of who he is but because of what he might be able to do for the cause.

What Happens When Incarcerated Mothers Read To Their Children

The Women’s Storybook Project of Texas, a nonprofit based in Austin, helps imprisoned mothers record themselves reading books to their children.

For Prisoners’ Children, Angel Tree Is Their Star

Angel Tree has now spent 23 years bringing Christmas gifts to as many of the now 2.7 million children of U.S. prisoners as it can reach.

‘The Drop Box,’ Where Disabled Babies Go to Live

A new documentary tells the story of ‘The Drop Box,’ where image-conscious South Koreans leave disabled babies to a welcoming pastor and his family.

Don’t Wait For Your Wedding To Buy A KitchenAid—And Other Ways To Embrace Adulthood

To help Millennials embrace adulthood, perhaps it’s time to give them ways they can do that even if they’re not married or financially comfortable.

Are There Reasons Why A Woman Shouldn’t Be Permitted To Abort?

If a woman has a “right” to abort, what does it matter if she’s aborting in order to finish law school or vying for a spot on Big Brother?