Mackenzie Bettle
Mackenzie Bettle

Mackenzie Bettle graduated from Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business with a bachelor’s in business law, summa cum laude, and is currently pursuing his juris doctorate at Seton Hall University. He loves business, politics, economics, law, football, and his two fluffy Havanese dogs, Jack and Kobe.

Study: Transgender Male Athletes Keep Physical Advantages Even After Female Hormone Injections

Essentially, this study concludes that men who ‘transition’ by taking testosterone suppressantsĀ can rejuvenate whatever muscle mass, strength, and power they may lose initially through proper training.

I’m Getting $250,000 In Student Loans, And Taxpayers Shouldn’t Bail Me Out

Personal responsibility? Not necessary. 2020 Democrats have got you covered with their immoral wealth transfer policies.