Lori Moylan
Lori Moylan

Lori Moylan lives with her family in the Washington DC area. Follow her on Twitter @Lori_SuLin.

If You Have A Complaint About Your Husband, Don’t Air It In The New York Times

Brooke Williams’ mindset is so focused on attacking her husband’s motives and preserving her ability to win future arguments that the series would be more aptly titled ‘Modern War.’

What My Crisis Pregnancy Taught Me About Life And Love

It wasn’t like this last time. I learned I was pregnant with my son at 19 after taking the test in the basement bathroom of a college dorm, knowing my life would be upended.

If Not Even The Boy Scouts Can Celebrate Boys, They’re In Serious Trouble

In a world where masculinity is too often thought of as toxic and men disappear from the labor force and marriage, scouting was a place boys could be taught as boys, by men.

Trading Room Rental For A Down Payment Reveals Shifts In The American Dream

What does it say about modern life that Loftium could have stumbled onto a successful business model? Should people move into homes they couldn’t otherwise afford?

Even If They Confess ‘Hypermasculinity’ Or Offer Women Respect, Men Can Never Win

The left can’t offer a consistent vision of masculinity’s proper role in society. So how do we teach our sons to be good men in today’s world?

I Shout My Son’s Life

To all the women who #ShoutYourAbortion: I’d like to share what happened to me when abortion seemed the logical choice but I didn’t make it.