Willis L. Krumholz and Robert Delahunty

Willis L. Krumholz lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a JD/MBA graduate from the University of St. Thomas, and works in the financial services industry. Robert J. Delahunty is a professor of law at the University of St Thomas and has taught Constitutional Law there for a decade.

How The Coronavirus Could Destabilize The Chinese Government And World

If the coronavirus keeps spreading, the implications for international security and the global economy could be staggering — and not only in terms of public health.

Only Voters Can Stop The Impeachment Cycle From Further Escalating

The first electoral cycle is that of presidential impeachments; the second is that of Supreme Court nominations. Soon the two cycles may intersect.

Why Mass Illegal Immigration Probably Costs More Than You’ve Been Told

Illegal immigration may look good for the economy on the surface, but a deeper look reveals exorbitant costs that disproportionately hurt some of the worst-off in America.

Francis Has Mobilized The Papacy’s Absolute Monarchy Against Justice

Fundamentally, neither bishops nor laity have any power in the government of their church. That’s leading to some huge problems as Francis works against resolving the priest abuse crisis.

It’s Past Time For Pope Francis To Come Clean, But Instead He’s Burying Himself

The loss of confidence in Pope Francis reflects that his mismanagement of the crisis has been a scandal in itself. It may also reveal a growing public awareness of Francis’ own poor record.

As Catholic Scandal Unfolds, Pope Francis Looks Increasingly Blameworthy

The report reveals a pope indifferent to the complaints of abuse survivors, and who has surrounded himself with others accused of covering up claims.

Why Every Christian Should Be Very Worried About The Catholic Sex Scandal

This scandal will prove to be a crisis on the scale of the Protestant Reformation, which began just over 500 years ago — an earthquake of 9.5 on the Richter scale.

How To Reform Federal Intelligence And Law Enforcement Agencies

The paradox of freedom has always been to create a government strong enough to defend the people against their foreign enemies, but not so strong that it becomes an oppressor itself.

Congress Can Release The Blocked Abortion Videos

Congress has sweeping subpoena powers – and legislators should use them to override the injunctions censoring two Center for Medical Progress videos.