Katie Schuermann
Katie Schuermann
Katie Schuermann

Katie Schuermann is a Lutheran pastor’s wife and author of “He Remembers the Barren,” second edition (Emmanuel Press, 2017).

Not All Stories Of Infertility End With A Baby

The most exact science provided by the world’s top fertility specialists can produce a viable baby less than half of the time. Yet the stories of women in that other half can end in joy, too.

Why Helen Keller Believed In Eradicating People With Disabilities

How could a woman made deaf and blind from an illness in early childhood possibly advocate for the killing of those born with the same disabilities?

Why The Embryo Adoption Industry Is Not Pro-Life

As long as the business of creating surplus embryos remains unregulated in the United States, donating and adopting embryonic children increases the demand for it.

10 Reasons I Still Keep A Clean House Despite Everyone Insisting It’s Stupid

It’s not that I believe plungers are more important than people, but I do think keeping a clean house best serves the mortals—big and small—that I love.

It’s Legal To Buy And Sell Children, As Long As They’re Small

Children created during in vitro fertilization can be disposed of for potential flaws, evaluated for ‘desirable’ characteristics, experimented upon, and bought and sold.

10 Reasons We Sold Our Television

While the decision to finally get rid of our boob tube six years ago felt momentous at the time, it seems so trivial now.

How An Infertile Couple Experiences The Planned Parenthood Videos

We would have adopted the children Planned Parenthood kills and sells. We would have held them and loved them and nurtured them and raised them.

Call Me ‘Miss’ Or ‘Ms.’ At Your Peril

A Mrs. by any other name simply doesn’t smell as sweet.