Jordan Lorence
Jordan Lorence
Jordan Lorence

Jordan Lorence is senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, which is defending the freedom of conscience of numerous creative professionals in court.

Religious Liberty Has Nothing To Do With The Satanic Temple’s Campaign To Tear Down Pro-Life Laws

The group’s legal efforts show its contempt for religion by advancing causes intended to shrink First Amendment freedoms that protect everyone.

Because Of Trump, The Left Suddenly Cares About Conscience Rights Again

If the Rockettes and Buzzfeed have the right to refuse business to Donald Trump and his supporters on ideological grounds, what about the rest of us?

6 Things To Know About The New After-School Satan Clubs

The people running new Satan Clubs to compete with Christian after-school clubs don’t actually believe in Satan. They just want to be jerks to people who do.

The Argument For Redefining Marriage That Gives Me Pause

If gay-marriage supporters upheld lifelong monogamy, it would be very difficult for me to oppose them. But I’ve never heard one agree to that.

Indiana’s ‘Fix’ Gives Religious-Liberty Haters A New Weapon

Indiana’s ‘fix’ to its religious-freedom law will actively force private business owners to violate their consciences.