Jane Hampton Cook
Jane Hampton Cook

Jane Hampton Cook is the author of the new book, “Resilience on Parade: Short Stories of Suffragists and Women’s Battle for the Vote.” The first female webmaster for the White House (2001-03), she is now a screenwriter and author of ten books, including “Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War.”

Where Was God On 9/11? A Pentagon Chaplain Who Was There Can Tell You

Remembering Gen. Charlie Baldwin’s story of God’s provision and presence is a fitting tribute on the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

No, The American Flag Isn’t Racist. It’s A Symbol Of Unity We Need Now More Than Ever

Our flag still means unity today. It stands for the union of our now 50 states into one nation, and every American who is a part of it.

Blacklisting And Censorship Are Hallmarks Of Repressive Societies. Let’s Head Them Off At The Pass In America

China’s Communist Party uses the Great Firewall to block information from its citizens. Blocking speech based on politics has been a hallmark of every totalitarian government.

400 Years Later, I Made New Discoveries About The First Thanksgiving

The losses we have experienced because of COVID-19 help us better understand the Pilgrims. Their courage and faith to give thanks despite their hardships can encourage us to give thanks in 2020.

John F. Kennedy Explains Why Religious Tests Aren’t Okay In America

The shared national identity of Americans grounded in the right to freely worship according to one’s own faith should bring us together, not break us apart.

How The Revolutionary War Taught More Americans To Oppose Slavery

The view that Americans were enslaved by England enabled many to see the hypocrisy and injustice of enslaving Africans, which was legal in the 13 original colonies.

What You Think You Know About America’s First Thanksgiving Is Probably Wrong

Whether we feast on turkey, seafood, or barbecue, may Thanksgiving 2019 enable us to count our blessings today, give thanks for the good in our past, and strengthen us for tomorrow.

3 Ignorant Myths About The Betsy Ross Flag, Dispelled

The nation’s leaders after the Civil War did not see a need to alter the flag’s appearance because they outlawed slavery under it. The American flag—the Union flag—was the victor in the Civil War.

Chivalry Links George H.W. Bush’s Legacy With George Washington’s

Civility and good manners are the hallmarks of both presidents’ leadership style. Chivalry was their secret weapon, especially in delicate situations.

How An American Not Named Meghan Markle Almost Became The First British Princess

Had another prince of Wales’s crush on a White House princess ended differently, the first fairy-tale royal-American wedding could have taken place two centuries ago.

Melania Trump’s First Lady Fashion Plays Up The Classic ‘Pop’

Understated, classic fashion will likely continue to be a theme for Melania, who was the only first lady to be a fashion icon before she became first lady.

The Founding Fathers Followed These 9 Simple Steps When They Created America

Today is Constitution Day. Here’s what the Founders’ path to writing the Constitution can teach us about how to accomplish our typically much humbler pursuits.

Historic First Ladies’ Tips For Melania Trump

Should Melania Trump become first lady, which first ladies and precedents would provide a good guide and starting point for her and America?