Jamie Shupe
Jamie Shupe

Jamie Shupe retired as a decorated Sergeant First Class from the U.S. Army. After retiring, Shupe lived as a transgender woman for nearly four years before desisting from living as a female.

Criminal Records Show Women Are Prudent To Not Want Men In Their Bathrooms

Despite help to appear female and policymakers’ marching orders, transgender men will always remain male. That means they commit higher rates of crimes against women.

Many Newspaper Reports Back Up That Blockbuster Study About Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria

Reading tens of thousands of media articles about ‘all things transgender’ has left me siding with the Brown University study’s conclusions.

I Became Transgender In The Military. That’s How I Know People Shouldn’t

The U.S. military is correct to ban those with gender dysphoria from serving. The military is also correct in refusing to participate in gender transitions. My failed sex change is proof of that.

How The Lawsuit Against Trump’s Trans Military Ban Contradicts Itself

A lawsuit filed against President Trump’s ban on enlistments by transgender Americans says ‘gender identity is…biologically rooted, and fixed at an early age.’ Trans people don’t think so.

I’m A Transgender, Decorated Veteran. I Oppose Military-Sponsored Sex Changes

If the military brass needs to cast the surgery kings and queens out to protect transgender military service for the healthy elements of our community, then I’m all for it.