Jacob Perry
Jacob Perry
Jacob Perry
Jacob Perry is young essayist from the state of Hawaiʻi. His knack for academic writing and public speaking has earned accolades at national conferences and competitions over the past four years. Additionally, his passion for history, politics, and philosophy have propelled him to pursue journalism and social commentary. An aspiring author, Jacob is vying for a Master's in History from the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and has one book currently in the works.
To Counter Trump, Vox Defends MS-13 As Nice Kids Who Ride Bikes, Work After-School Jobs

Vox styles itself as a public relations firm for the violent gang in a video that downplays its roots and brutal nature in order to attack President Trump.

College Socialists Seek To Block Jordan Peterson From Speaking In San Antonio

An online petition has been started with the intent of blocking Internet sensation Jordan Peterson from speaking at an event in downtown San Antonio.

150 Years Later, The Original Meaning Of The Fourteenth Amendment Protects Our Liberties

In a time when the Left has already reached second base with socialism, a basic understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment and what it stands for can be a powerful tool to combat that threat.