Ian Haworth
Ian Haworth
Ian Haworth is a conservative commentator, writer, and software engineer. Originally from the UK, Ian now lives and works in California. He is also a contributor for The Daily Wire. Follow him on Twitter @IGHaworth.
Top 10 Anti-Vaccine Falsehoods And The Truth About Each

For vaccine opponents, a 0.000001 percent chance of severe reactions is too high to justify vaccinations, while a 0.0002 percent chance of death is too low to justify vaccinations.

Washington Measles Outbreak Shows Anti-Vaxxers Care About Their Liberty, But Not Yours

Some parents are choosing not to immunize their children. By avoiding vaccination, they are not only endangering the health of their children, but also the health of their communities.

The Left Doesn’t Want Public Apologies, It Wants Public Self-Immolation

Rather than rewarding the public acknowledgement of wrongdoing or the sincerity of an apology, apologies are now used as a weapon of political submission.