Hrand Tookman
Hrand Tookman

Hrand Tookman is a Cleveland, Ohio native with a background in interpersonal communications. He writes with an objective of exposing media bias, and inspiring unity in defiance of so many forces today that thrive off of division.

Here’s How Impeachment Helps Democrats Even If They Fail

Every minute of every day that we talk about the ‘Ukraine phone call’ and the ridiculous ‘impeachment inquiry’ attached to it, we’re letting Democrats win.

CNN Calls Boston Rally ‘Mostly Peaceful’ As Leftist Protesters Beat Bystanders, Attack Police

Saturday in Boston, two rallies occurred: One that rejected racism and promoted free speech, and another that rejected free speech and promoted violence. See if you Read Full Article >

It’s Time For The Left To Stop Imposing Its Morality On Everyone

Yes, of course giving is good. But responsible adults don’t run their lives, households, or businesses on that premise alone. Nor should our government.

In Desperate Bid For Relevance, Merriam-Webster Turns Factcheck Hack

The folks at Merriam-Webster today are too busy making the world an angrier, more divided place to be bothered with intellectual honesty.