Fionna Sciame Elliot
Fionna Sciame Elliot

Fionna Sciame Elliot is a graduate of Fordham Law School where she focused on alternative dispute resolution and interned at the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel. When Fionna is not facilitating the disputes that come with having three young children, she acts as Vice President for Sciame Homes New York LLC, a family-owned and operated high-end residential construction firm based in New York City.

To Bill De Blasio, Destroying 1.1 Million Kids’ Education Is Just A Political Game

Why would Bill de Blasio close schools so brazenly when they have undoubtedly proved to be one of the safest places these last three months?

It’s Time To Free Schools From Wasteful, Oppressive COVID Security Theater

Losing our civil liberties at the expense of our children’s education isn’t worth it when we know those at genuinely at risk aren’t likely to be at school.