Felicia Willson
Felicia Willson

Felicia Willson is a freelance writer of political commentary and dramatic entertainment. She started her career on NBC’s “The West Wing,” was a recurring guest on One America News’ “The Rick Amato Show,” and is currently developing a dramatic digital series with honest-to-goodness conservative characters. Felicia is a Christian conservative dedicated to truth, logic, and wit. She also adores alliteration. Follow her on Twitter @WillsonWoman and @NobodySeries.

If You Skip The Virtue Signaling, The SAG Awards Had Much To Offer

Because celebrities often usurp the stage to march for ‘social justice,’ the whole of Hollywood is often branded as frivolous and out-of-touch. Not true.

How This New Year Can Be An Opportunity For A New Life

Something about the arrival of a new year can put a crack in your wall of fear. As trite as it may sound, it really can provide a fresh start to begin anew.

California’s Latest Ballot Initiatives Prove Residents Live In Fantasy World

From background checks to buy ammo, to banning plastic bags and taxing cigarettes, California’s sanctimoniousness really shone through this year.

If Trump’s Win Ended Your Desire To Date, It’s You, Not Him

If only the first female president had been elected, radiators would never crack, tear ducts would dry up, and we would grow wings on our feet. Says date-less Washington Post lady.