Evan McClanahan
Evan McClanahan

Evan McClanahan is the pastor of First Evangelical Lutheran Church in downtown Houston, Texas. He is the host of the “Sin Boldly” radio show and podcast through KPFT 90.1 FM and the moderator and occasional participant in one of the only continuously operating debate series in the country, the First Word Debate Series at First Lutheran. He writes for The Everyman, and he and his wife have two children.

No, The American Justice System Is Not Riddled With Stupid, Corrupt Police And Prosecutors

True-crime series foster skepticism about the fairness of our criminal justice system. For all that, however, I am not convinced that it is open season on the innocent in America.

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The Case Against Using Instant Replay To Determine Sports Calls

We have lost a lot of the joy in sport with all of this instant replay, and those fallible umpires are as much a part of the thrill as the incredible athletes themselves.