CJ Ciaramella
CJ Ciaramella
CJ Ciaramella

CJ Ciaramella is currently a reporter for The Washington Free Beacon. He has written for Salon, The Awl, The Daily Caller, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and The Weekly Standard, among others. In his spare time, CJ enjoys listening to baseball on the radio, low-hanging fruit and brinkmanship.

Everything You Need To Know About Voxsplaining The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Ezra Klein couldn’t have gotten the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack more wrong. For starters, the attack was definitely against free speech.

From Grey Lady To White Widow: A Guide to Getting Maureen Dowd High

What happened to Maureen Dowd is what’s known in the marijuana community as “getting way too high.” Here are some tips to avoid that in the future.

No, George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” Was Not An Endorsement Of Socialism

I once declared Kristen Stewart’s comments to be the silliest misreading of Orwell to date. Unfortunately, I had not reckoned with the minds at MSNBC.

1984: The Worst Love Story Ever Told

If you want a picture of the future, imagine Kristen Stewart stomping on your favorite book—for ever.

Taming The Fury Of Rage

All aspiring writers should read Slate’s Matt Yglesias. There’s no better way to stress the importance of not writing like Matt Yglesias.

The Tolstoy of Tech Bros

Matthew Monahan is writing a terrible novel. It might be the best thing you’ve read all year.

The Best Used Car Salesman in the World

Terry McAuliffe, the greatest salesman the political world has ever seen, faces his biggest challenge. Selling himself.

The Bad Boys of the Good Men Project

Contemplating your daughter’s sex life, the open source boob project, and other failures of the new improved feminist manhood