Casey Mattox
Casey Mattox
Casey Mattox

Casey Mattox is a constitutional lawyer who has represented students across the country and now serves as senior fellow at the Charles Koch Institute.

5 Ways Federal Agencies Could Botch Trump’s Executive Order On Campus Speech

The EO merely requires agencies to ‘take appropriate steps’ to ‘encourage institutions’ to promote free speech and debate. Much, much more is needed.

No, Politico, Conscience Protections Are Neither ‘So-Called’ Nor ‘Controversial’

There is simply no historical ground upon which Politico can claim that protecting the right of medical professionals not to participate in abortion has been ‘controversial’ since Roe v. Wade.

The Berkeley Riot Expresses Dominant Anti-American Campus Culture

A UC-Berkeley mob pepper-sprayed a woman, injured six people, started fires, and destroyed buildings, all to prevent a speaker from speaking at the birthplace of the free speech movement.

Feds Warn States Against Defunding Democrat Campaign Donor

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is going to bat for Planned Parenthood, and the only real reason is politics.

20,000 Problems Facing Abortion Advocates At The Supreme Court

When the Supreme Court on March 2 assesses the abortion industry’s claims about threats to women’s health, it will have years of real-world tests to examine.

Should You Get An Obamacare Conscience Tax Exemption?

The Obama administration has been trying to force private organizations into paying for abortion and abortifacients while backing off from forcing individuals to do the same.

Is Planned Parenthood Illegally Performing Partial-Birth Abortions, Or Did It Lie?

Planned Parenthood told the Supreme Court partial-birth abortions are necessary for women’s health, and it appears they may be willing to break the law to perform them.

4 Ways Planned Parenthood Has Billed Taxpayers For Elective Abortions

We have no evidence that taxpayer dollars aren’t keeping the lights on and running the water in the abortion room.

Do Taxpayers Pay Planned Parenthood To Stymie Adoptions?

Taxpayers may be paying Planned Parenthood to steer women away from adoption and toward the abortions that benefit its bottom line.

Ex-Im and Planned Parenthood: Where are Our Priorities?

Boeing donates to Planned Parenthood, and is the primary beneficiary of Ex-Im, and the Senate has voted to continue funding both.

5 Democrat Abortion Policies More Extreme Than Killing 7-Pound Babies

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz thinks aborting full-term babies should be legal. But that’s not the most extreme abortion policy Democrats support.

Religious Freedom Acts Have Never Harmed A Gay Person

Not a single person who identifies as homosexual has been harmed by the federal or dozens of state religious freedom acts.

Three Reasons A New Supreme Court Obamacare Case Matters To Pro-Lifers

A case over whether federal subsidies can operate within state insurance exchanges has implications for pro-life employers and employees.

California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else

A regulatory change in California has placed abortion in the category of ‘basic health services’ all insurance plans must cover. Even those churches buy.

Three Ways Obamacare Forces Americans To Fund Big Abortion

Obamacare forces taxpayers and private policyholders to pay for abortions, steering millions to cronies who in turn spend to elect abortion supporters.

In ‘Right To Lie’ Case, SBA List Told Truth On Abortion Funding

The problem with coverage of today’s high court decision for free speech is that SBA List told the truth: Obamacare uses taxpayer funding for abortion.

No You Can’t Keep Your Plan And Yes You Have To Pay For Other People’s Abortions

Like other aspects of the law, the abortion surcharge for Obamacare exchange plans are like a shell game in which fundamental freedoms are the hidden ball.