Bob Zimmerman
Bob Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman is a space historian, science journalist, and the author of “Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8.” He writes daily on space and science issues at his website, Behind the Black, and has just published a new science fiction novel, Pioneer.

How Trump Can Drain The Space Swamp That Wants To Engulf Him

NASA will have taken 18 years and $43 billion to fly a single manned flight initially based upon 1960s technology and reusing significant parts from the space shuttle.

What You Need To Know About The Space Law Congress Is Considering

In the Senate, the third in a series of hearings organized by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on the legal problems private space companies face is scheduled for July 13.

How President Trump Could Jumpstart Space Settlements

If President Trump wants to truly lead the United States and world into the exploration and settlement of the solar system, he needs to do something different and game-changing.