Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal
If Conservatives Don’t Defend The American Idea, The Left Will Cancel It

While conservatives might delight as the left devours its own, they must take seriously the assault on America’s foundations. The very ‘American idea’ is at stake.

If Democrats Really Thought Trump Was An Existential Threat, They’d Moderate Their Extremism

If Democrats actually believe Trump is a danger to democracy, they will act accordingly and put aside petty partisan goals for the good of the country.

Why Entitlement Reform Needs To Be The Second Half Of Tax Reform

The push for entitlement reform is a longstanding Republican goal based on keeping promises to taxpayers, not a result of the much-needed tax cuts.

Democrats Finally Admit Their Real Goal Is Single-Payer Health Welfare

Democrats’ move to the radical left arrives just in time to hopefully save Republicans from their own incompetence.

What Liberals Can Learn From Little League About Respect And Losing Graciously

Rather than sneering at their opponents, liberals must learn to respect and welcome the open discourse and competing ideas they claim to champion.