Beverly Hallberg
Beverly Hallberg
Beverly Hallberg

Beverly Hallberg is the president of District Media Group where she conducts media training for members of Congress, CEOs, policy wonks, and politicos. She is a guest columnist for the Daily Signal, Washington Examiner, and The Hill, and is a frequent contributor on Fox News and CNN.

If Fauci Really Wanted More Americans To Get Vaccinated, He’d Resign

Americans have reasonable questions about the vaccine, which should be answered with a transparent presentation of the facts — not browbeating.

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Online dating creates the wrong incentives, wastes time, and is an all-around disappointing, frustrating practice. Here’s why you should abandon it.

How Marco Rubio Lost His Voice … And The Election

Marco Rubio was so good at communication, no one considered it would ever lead to his downfall. Here’s how he lost his way.

Why The Golden State Warriors Make The NBA Finals Worth Watching

Tonight’s first NBA Final game boasts a matchup between the Prodigal Son returned home and the team led by the underdog-turned-MVP.

For Me, Baseball Is Personal

Baseball has always been something my family does together. It all started with my dad.